Why Attendees Value India Sourcing Trip

“You don’t feel so lonely anymore, because you’ve got people with the same interests.”

– Daisy & Edward

“I didn’t have my website, no business card, no brand registry after talking to these guys I feel like I have everything.”

– Rashmi

“Invest in yourself, become a good seller & make your life good.”

– Andy

“It was a fabulous trip. Everything was organized perfectly. A lot of good networking. A lot of lasting friendships.”

– John & Barbara

“I definitely recommend to anyone who wants to do some business and also have some fun to come and join the trip.”

– Mehdi

“LITERALLY LIFE CHANGING! It’s given such confidence that I can take my journey on ecommerce to a whole new level.”

– Alison

“Truly the most magical experience. All the coaches give you advice whenever you want, they’re so attentive, they’ll help you with whatever you need, they’ll walk the floor with you. Fantastic!!”

– Hannah

“It was a luxury to be able to come here and have the conferences, learn about the culture, have a bus pick me up and take me there, hotels were taken care of. It really has been worth it to me.”

– Colleen

“Its all about connection when you are sourcing, finding the right people who understand and deliver the quality good. I highly recommend them to whoever is thinking about sourcing in India.”

– Julie

“I’ve seen that comparing to China, the accessibility of the Indian suppliers in India is very easy. This is the right time to be in India Thank you India Sourcing Team– Jean

“I came out here with no expectation. Really excited to come back. I’ll be doing this every year moving forward”

– Eric

“I will definitely recommend anyone to come and join India Sourcing Trip and check another market. Differentiation makes a lot of success in Amazon.”

– Hind

“Coming with the India Sourcing Trip has been very helpful. The coaches have been very helpful, they guide you on how to tackle the show, and with other things if you get stuck. And they’re willing to come with you around the show.”


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India Sourcing Trip is a Sourcing, Learning and Cultural guided sourcing tour to India.

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